Suspension lamp Guise 2277
Solar case Solar Power Pack M1
Maiz One module (copy)
Bell Chair
Wastebasket Munich Airport
TS502 portable radio
Portable radio set RR 127
Stacking chairs Bofinger chair BA 1171
Chest of drawers Schubladenstapel
Stacking stool model no. 2012 (Casalino)
Happy S portable television (Combi-Vision 310)
Book box
Add Stool
Shelf Mod. 2722
Stool Ulmer Hocker (HfG-Hocker)
Grandfather clock James Clock
James Light floor lamp
Roll film box camera Bilora Boy
Universal furniture Basic
Curved bench
High table temp
Wall lights Eclipse Ellipse
BIPV modules SUNOVATION eFORM unichrome (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics)
Floor lamp light column
Blood pressure monitor with integrated stop watch
Heart sound detector D 2000
Miniature model of the Café Kugelhaus
Phoropter (glasses determination device) (copy)
19-piece tableware system La Boule
Electric hot water boiler No. 60h
Coffee pot
Teapot from the tea service 5000
Jug Jagdhaus
Le petit café jug from the Fantasia series
Jug object on pedestal Faltung
Coffee pot from the Form 2000 coffee and tea service
Packaging for protective mask Livinguard with contents
Steel tape measure 31 P.
Stud setter DX 36 M
Spirit level type: 80 E
Laboratory lamp Duka 10 Studio
Explosion-proof luminaire, type NHLK 86
Quartz lamp Solimed
Packaging for Zuuk lamp
table lamp
Table lamp T46
Cordula lamp
Mach 380 surgical light (copy)
Children's chairs K 1340 (later K 4999)
Seesaw Vippig
Cocon stroller
Anna children's chair
Stoeck chair
Children's armchair E 10
Armchair model No. 41 Paimio
Die Neue Sammlung - 1st exhibition of the Bayer. National Museum
The new collection
Bench from the studio room at Haus Moller, Vienna
Seesaw Schaukelplastik

Drawing: Carla Nagel

Stratus floor lamp
Design Process Auto
Japanese posters
Horst Schäfer - architecture photography
Rocking car
Floor lamp Baukasten M60 Fahr
Table, front view
Table Typensatz 602/C
Wicker chair No. 9578
Computed tomograph Somatom Smile
Therapeutic toy Big rhinoceros
Play furniture system
Installation How to entertain a vivid Dialogue with the Archive ?, A Search Behind Appearances
Konstantin Grcic: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Floor lamps Baumleuchte I and II
Chaise Longue Carbon (prototype)
Chair Bauernstuhl
Caribe 2-seater bench from the Sala Collection
Floor lamp Berliner Bratpfanne
Laundry basket 60 Grad
Laundry basket 30 Grad
Room divider
Table frame Breeding Table (prototype)
Consumer's Rest armchair
Portable bathtub XTEND (prototype)
Flower Offering Chair
Palux electric heater
Irish slow burning stove, original Kramer stove
Stove for anthracite coal Oranier
Electric heater PL no. 12th
Floor lamp Medusa
Roller skate Indusco Froller
Convection stove Germane No. 7110
Würthner T'Blade ice hockey skate blade
Chair_ONE (prototype # 3)
Skibob Gfäller Ei
Chair_ONE (prototype # 5)
Chair_ONE (prototype # 6)
Icaros Pro Virtual Reality fitness machine
Regal Chambre A Air
Hemp Chair (prototype)
Chair (prototype)
Shoe adiStar Long Jump
Floor lamp Rope Trick
VELA Cycle Trainer (prototype)
Suspension lamp Light Structure
Giant Bulb Clear lamp
Pendant lamp Wolkenlampe
Relief (model)
Suspension lamp IKEA PS 2014
Suspension lamp Sputnik
Aluminum chair
Side tables Mila