Stackable side tables 4 Gatti
Floor lamp S3
Armchair roll
Roll container Boby
TS502 portable radio
Portable radio set RR 127
Side tables Marema from the YoungPlay series
Portable record player GA 45 phono boy
Chest of drawers Nigritella Nigra
Table modules model 700 Quattro quarti
Linea 1 portable television
Stacking chairs Selene
Shelf system Eur from the Me Too collection
Container Componibili
Superleggera chair (formerly No. 699)
Bowl mod. 3089
Vase Reazioni policrome
Yokohama vase
Vase Reazioni policrome
Vase Reazioni policrome
Vase Reazioni policrome
Bandiera vase
Bandiera bowl
Corroso vase
Vase Arlecchino, Mod. 12035
Finestra vase
Vase, Mod. 13215
Table lamp Miconos
Mayday lamp
Table lamp Cespuglio di Gino
Table lamp L 423
Coat stand VIP
Armchair No. 4794
Margherita wicker armchair
Chest of drawers from the series Junior
Floor lamp Polluce
Floor lamp Ten
Floor lamp Megaron
Quirino floor lamp
Tenaglia floor lamp
Floor lamp Otello, No. 640
Giacomo floor lamp
Callimaco floor lamp
Chicago Tribune floor lamp from the Stillight series
Floor lamp Spider
Light signs / gas pump Agip, model Schwelmer
Shelf Carlton
Flamingo side table
Roma armchair
Side table Kyoto
Lamp super
Light Tahiti
Mezzachimera lamp
Toio floor lamp
Floor lamp Gherpe
Kandissi sofa
Radiators Milano
Bicycle trainer Ciclotte (copy)
Suspension lamp Taraxacum 88 S
Pressed Chair (copy)
Totem menta
Totem Agra