Stackable ashtray Sinusascher, Mod. 84005
Ashtray Cubo
Children's Place Setting Dinner Tray
Children's mug Dombo alias Domoor
Flower watering can
Jug Cono
Set Bolta Service Universa
Garden set Hyvälysti
Aquarium pen holder or holder for a thousand and one purposes
Seasoning set
citrus press
Lidded box
Cilindrico thermos
Kitchen scale Solidus WT / 05L
Cutlery Special Spoons Kit
Explosion-proof luminaire, type NHLK 86
Die Neue Sammlung - 1st exhibition of the Bayer. National Museum
Vienna School of Arts and Crafts
The Cheap Object. The Apartment for the Subsistence Level
Munich Made Products for House and Home
The new collection
The Swiss book
Glass – Utility and Decorative Forms from Four Millennia
Design Process Auto
Japanese posters
Horst Schäfer - architecture photography
Process; A Tomato Project Munich 1997
Wilfried Minks' stage
Color stations
Diamonds and Bars. The art of the Amish. Quilts from the Schlumberger Collection
Konstantin Grcic: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly