Medical meter for blood coagulation Coa Time
Blood pressure monitor with integrated stop watch
Heart sound detector D 2000
OptiPen 1E Starlet insulin syringe
Sterilizing pliers Cheattle IG 820
Multi-channel pipette Transferpette-8
Medical device Erbotom F 2
Hand surgical instrument
Mixing device RotoMix
Phoropter (glasses determination device) (copy)
Hip sockets for an artificial hip joint
Screw ring SC for artificial hip joint
Plastic inlay, artificial knee joint
Knee joint prosthesis 3R60
Obstetric forceps for pigs
Hoof examination forceps
Medical scissors
Dental laboratory device Visio Alfa
Ball head for an artificial hip joint
Sensitive artificial skin for robots (prototype)
Stackable ashtray Sinusascher, Mod. 84005
Ashtray Cubo
Children's Place Setting Dinner Tray
Children's mug Dombo alias Domoor
Flower watering can
Jug Cono
Set Bolta Service Universa
Garden set Hyvälysti
Aquarium pen holder or holder for a thousand and one purposes
Seasoning set
citrus press
Lidded box
Cilindrico thermos
Kitchen scale Solidus WT / 05L
Cutlery Special Spoons Kit
Table lamp Sisi Eko (Mini)
Table lamp Brick O
Blowtorch table lamp