Vermelha armchair
Sharp TV Mod.5P-12G
TV set TV tele Star 4004
Stackable side tables 4 Gatti
Armchair roll
Table with drawer from the Clay Furniture series
Roll container Boby
TS502 portable radio
Portable radio set RR 127
DF 2000 sideboard
Portable record player Se 210
Portable record player GA 45 phono boy
Philips Discoverer TV, mod.14GR1220 / 22B
TV Nivico, Mod. 3240 GM
Linea 1 portable television
Happy S portable television (Combi-Vision 310)
Stackable ashtray Sinusascher, Mod. 84005
Ashtray Cubo
Children's Place Setting Dinner Tray
Children's mug Dombo alias Domoor
Flower watering can
Jug Cono
Set Bolta Service Universa
Garden set Hyvälysti
Aquarium pen holder or holder for a thousand and one purposes
Seasoning set
citrus press
Lidded box
Cilindrico thermos
Kitchen scale Solidus WT / 05L
Cutlery Special Spoons Kit
Table lamp Sisi Eko (Mini)
Table lamp Brick O
Blowtorch table lamp