Rung chair
Three-legged chair A
Container Componibili
Superleggera chair (formerly No. 699)
Shelf Mod. 2722
Stool Ulmer Hocker (HfG-Hocker)
Stool Cork High
Universal furniture Basic
Curved bench
High table temp
Stool 95/6
2 cans of Afri Cola
Perfume bottle Dans la nuit
Radio National Panasonic Panapet 70, Mod. R-70
Vacuum cleaner Constellation Mod. 864
2 TAU mineral water bottles
Samovar Sputnik
Cocktail shaker
Cardboard box for Bahlsen Leibniz biscuits
Glass object
Tin for Bahlsen cookies
Beer bottle
Tin can for Bahlsen biscuits
Perfume bottles for Chanel No 5
Bags for sweets Fiorucci Candies
3 bottles for Rosso Antico Aperitivo
Atomizers, spray and screw cans for the Design hair care product range
Tin for Bahlsen biscuits, so-called starring tin
Tin can for Bahlsen biscuits, so-called sun can
Bahlsen Grotesk biscuit tin
2 bottles of Tŷ Nant mineral water
3 containers for Jil Sander cosmetic products
Beverage bottle Fanta
19-piece tableware system La Boule
Bahlsen Eye Candy biscuit box
Bahlsen Eye Candy biscuit box
Bahlsen Eye Candy biscuit box
Quartz lamp Solimed
Infraphil heat lamp Mod. 7529
Table lamp Sun Lamp