Wheelchair wheeliy
Suspension lamp Guise 2277
Vermelha armchair
Sharp TV Mod.5P-12G
TV set TV tele Star 4004
Bottleformball hanging lamp
Chair 10-unit system
Jim Nature television set
Stackable side tables 4 Gatti
Floor lamp S3
Armchair roll
RCP2 chair
Solar case Solar Power Pack M1
Sinclair C5 electric vehicle
Table with drawer from the Clay Furniture series
Maiz One module (copy)
Bell Chair
Roll container Boby
Wastebasket Munich Airport
TS502 portable radio
Portable radio set RR 127
Stacking chairs Bofinger chair BA 1171
Side tables Marema from the YoungPlay series
DF 2000 sideboard
Chest of drawers Schubladenstapel
Portable record player Se 210
Portable record player GA 45 phono boy
Chest of drawers Nigritella Nigra
Table modules model 700 Quattro quarti
Philips Discoverer TV, mod.14GR1220 / 22B
TV Nivico, Mod. 3240 GM
Linea 1 portable television
Stacking stool model no. 2012 (Casalino)
Rung chair
Stacking chairs Selene
Happy S portable television (Combi-Vision 310)
Book box
Add Stool
Shelf system Eur from the Me Too collection
Three-legged chair A
Container Componibili
Sony DSC-F505 digital camera (copy)
Superleggera chair (formerly No. 699)
Shelf Mod. 2722
Camera Gift Set No 1A Gift Kodak
Standing mirror James Look
Flower Pot pendant lamp
Super eight film camera Nizo professional and wide angle lens Nizo III
Stool Ulmer Hocker (HfG-Hocker)
Roll film camera Leica If
8 mm film camera Autocarena II
Micro cameras Coronet Midget
Miniature camera Minox EC, type no.10500
35mm camera Agfamatic 4008 pocket
Roll film camera Bantam Special
8 mm system film camera Movikon 8
Miniature camera Minox B (model)
Grandfather clock James Clock
James Light floor lamp
Stool Cork High
Single lens reflex camera Nikon F
35mm camera Beirette SL 100 N
35mm camera Prakti
Narrow film projector Weimar 3
Brownie Starflash roll film box camera
Roll film camera VP Twin
Leica M4-P 35mm camera
35mm camera Zeiss icon
Purma Special roll film camera
Anscoflex roll film camera
Roll film box camera Bilora Boy
Canon T90 SLR camera
Slide projector Pouva Magica
Schorge Chair (copy)
Universal furniture Basic
Curved bench
High table temp
Normal 8 camera Bauer 88 E
Wall lights Eclipse Ellipse
BIPV modules SUNOVATION eFORM unichrome (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics)
Stadium folding seats FCB-M
QuickTake 100 digital camera
Pocket digital camera
Atari Video Computer System 2600
Object Le chant du coq
Vessel shape
Stool 95/6
Vessel object
Large funnel vase
Vase with mosaic
Large beaker vase
Black vase
Object Gruppe
Object Weiße Kranzform
Object Kleine Familie im Halbkreis
Pot blanc with handle
Tondo film projector for 8 mm and Super 8 films, Mod. CTO
35mm viewfinder camera Olympus O-Product
Object 11er-Gruppe
Vessel with lid
Cup-shaped vases
Object Doppelplatte
Object torso
Floor lamp light column
Miniature cassette camera Kodak Disc 4000
4-lens 35mm camera ActionSampler Clear
4-lens 35mm camera AS 3.0 Supersampler
Vessel Großes Ypsilon
Big vessel
Colored Vase, Series 3, 236/300
Colored Vase, Series 3, 211/300
Colored Vase, Series 3, 148/300
Vessel Schiffsform auf Sockel
Vessel Vulkan
Rollei Actioncam 4s Plus action camcorder
Instax SQ1 analog instant camera
Polaroid Land Camera 104 instant bellows camera
Vessel (copy)
Game Pac-Man
Game space invaders
Game Missile Command
Game Defender
Atari CX40 joystick
Joystick highscreen
Braun Book Lab Was ist Elektronik?
Nintendo DS handheld console
Single-bladed ice glider Monomed No. 220
Card game Joker-Play (copy)
Super code pegging game
Rocket planet orbital 1
Xbox Series S game console
Game Grand Theft Auto V.
Sunglasses over the top
Snow goggles
Speedglas 9000X automatic welding helmet
Bicycle helmet BH51T
Medical meter for blood coagulation Coa Time
Silicone oven gloves
Bikey bike lock (prototype)
Table with lamp from the Plain Clay Furniture series
Recessed security cabinet lock with cylinder lock
Thimbles prym.ergonomics
Auris Plus hearing protection for children
Circle View surveillance camera
Igráček playing figures from the special edition Pomáhej s Igráčkem (help with Igráček)
Game characters from the series Heroes of Everyday Life
Face protection mask Raptor
2 cans of Afri Cola
Blood pressure monitor with integrated stop watch
Silver jug
Perfume bottle Dans la nuit
Toaster ABC
Toaster type 581
Elecarti toaster
Toaster ELIC
Toaster WRS 4
Toaster Inventum No. 286
Beer bottle
Radio National Panasonic Panapet 70, Mod. R-70
Pitcher for bone marrow
Heart sound detector D 2000
OptiPen 1E Starlet insulin syringe
Toaster Star Electric Mod. 75000
Therma toaster mod. 34029
Toaster Toast-O-Lator Mod. H
Toaster WMF Mod. 2055
Miniature model of the Café Kugelhaus
Toaster Saluta Type 584
Vacuum cleaner Constellation Mod. 864
Toaster Saluta Type 585c
Toaster Sunbeam Mod. T-9
Universal toaster model E947
Universal toaster model E945
Toaster Universal Mod.E9410 (Sweetheart Toaster)
Toaster The Premier Electric Toaster Mod. 905
2 TAU mineral water bottles
Bocce ball
Sterilizing pliers Cheattle IG 820
Multi-channel pipette Transferpette-8
Medical device Erbotom F 2
Hand surgical instrument
Mixing device RotoMix
Phoropter (glasses determination device) (copy)
Cocktail pot
Samovar Sputnik
Cocktail shaker
Cardboard box for Bahlsen Leibniz biscuits
Glass object
Tin for Bahlsen cookies
Beer bottle
Hip sockets for an artificial hip joint
Screw ring SC for artificial hip joint
Plastic inlay, artificial knee joint
Stylized beer vessel
Water or palm wine transport vessel
Anthropomorphic vessel
Object Asymmetrical Series
Object Kigango cha Mama
Object Kigango cha Baba
Tin can for Bahlsen biscuits
Perfume bottles for Chanel No 5
Bags for sweets Fiorucci Candies
3 bottles for Rosso Antico Aperitivo
Atomizers, spray and screw cans for the Design hair care product range
Tin for Bahlsen biscuits, so-called starring tin
Tin can for Bahlsen biscuits, so-called sun can
Bahlsen Grotesk biscuit tin
Knee joint prosthesis 3R60
Obstetric forceps for pigs
Hoof examination forceps
Medical scissors
Dental laboratory device Visio Alfa
2 bottles of Tŷ Nant mineral water
Toaster type BR 480
3 containers for Jil Sander cosmetic products
Beverage bottle Fanta
Medicine cabinet PO / 9208b (Cross)
Ball head for an artificial hip joint
19-piece tableware system La Boule
Sensitive artificial skin for robots (prototype)
Shuttlecock Championship 77
Models and cutlery Excellent No. 86
Silver cafetière ref. 4854
Mocha set pot
Padlocks Assa Ruko
Bonsai water jug
Electric hot water boiler No. 60h
Coffee pot
Teapot from the tea service 5000
Jug Jagdhaus
Le petit café jug from the Fantasia series
Big jug
Big jug
Pot No. 3
Stackable ashtray Sinusascher, Mod. 84005
Ashtray Cubo
Coffee pot from the Form 558 Set
Jug object on pedestal Faltung
Coffee pot from the Form 2000 coffee and tea service
Coffee pot from the Black Gold series
Packaging for protective mask Livinguard with contents
SkidLid bike helmet
Hockey stick super speed
Bahlsen Eye Candy biscuit box
Bahlsen Eye Candy biscuit box
Bahlsen Eye Candy biscuit box
Tea kettle with stand and rechaud
Wine jug
Vacuum jug type 750
Jug from the ABS tableware series
Mocha pot (form study)
Children's Place Setting Dinner Tray
Children's mug Dombo alias Domoor
Nokia 8110 mobile phone
Router Linie 4 (model)
Flower watering can
Food processor (model)
Jug Cono
Saw (nokogiri)
Compass plane
Flat nose pliers (jin-tsukuri)
Set Bolta Service Universa
Garden set Hyvälysti
Steel tape measure 31 P.
Pin driver OBOmatic SG 850
Distance meter Sonin 250
Aquarium pen holder or holder for a thousand and one purposes
Seasoning set
citrus press
Circular slide rule disc 8/10
Stud setter DX 36 M
Universal carving knife Slimknife No. 5900C
Metal mini-hacksaw, No. 15-210C
Lidded box
Nokia 8110 mobile phone (design process)
Nokia 8110 mobile phone (design process)
Nokia 8110 mobile phone (design process)
Petrol engine chainsaw No. 024 AV
Spirit level type: 80 E
Cilindrico thermos
Bowl mod. 3089
Multiple measuring device PKD 4
Tipping ashtray
Bahco wrench No. 0673-300
Cable reel Stromfix Junior III
Safety helmet
Camera Optima AF 1 (model)
Camera Optima AF 1 (model)
Camera Optima AF 1 (model)
Camera Optima AF 1 (model)
Coffee pot (plaster model)
Coffee pot (porcelain model)
Kitchen scale Solidus WT / 05L
Cutlery Special Spoons Kit
Teapot Service Cupola (foam model)
Nokia 8110 mobile phone (design process)
Nokia 8110 mobile phone (design process)
Vase Reazioni policrome
Yokohama vase
Vase Reazioni policrome
Vase Reazioni policrome
Vase Reazioni policrome
Bandiera vase
Bandiera bowl
Cordless impact drill
IXO 6 cordless screwdriver
TORX BO Multicolour 1 L-key set
Bicycle Biolove Carbon Monocoque (4 framework studies)
Corroso vase
Vase Arlecchino, Mod. 12035
Finestra vase
Vase, Mod. 13215
Gingko table (design process)
Hand drill No. 5803
Secateurs Wotan
Surveyors staff
Recoilless face hammer
Thread scissors
Asymmetrical edge pliers
Lawn edging shears Gardena Akku (study)
Wrench, so called French key
Gingko table (design process)
Block plane (21-111A)
Table lamp No. 112
Laboratory lamp Duka 10 Studio
Table lamp No. 114
LED lamp Philips Hue Play Lightbar
Explosion-proof luminaire, type NHLK 86
Quartz lamp Solimed
Infraphil heat lamp Mod. 7529
Table lamp Sun Lamp
Packaging for Zuuk lamp
Table lamp Kyklop Vako 38
Table lamp Saturno S-008
Table lamp Sisi Eko (Mini)
Table lamp Brick O
Blowtorch table lamp
table lamp
Table lamp Miconos
Table lamp T46
Mayday lamp
Cordula lamp
Scangrip Nova 50 construction spotlight
Mach 380 surgical light (copy)
Table lamp Amuleto
Table lamp Cespuglio di Gino
Table lamp L 423
PlayStation 2 game console
Handheld console Game Boy Advance SP Mod.AGS-001
Handheld console Game Boy Mod. DMG-01
Tamagotchi Pokémon Pikachu
Loudspeaker Audiorama 2000
Spice shaker
Rubik's Cube
Game tetris
Nintendo Switch game console
Foldable trekking poles Leki Micro Stick Carbon
Children's chairs K 1340 (later K 4999)
Seesaw Vippig
Cocon stroller
Anna children's chair
Stoeck chair
Children's armchair E 10
Djinn armchair
High chair
Bambi chair
Cherner chair
Plastic Chair in Wood
Knotted Chair
Plywood armchair
Armchair GJ
Lounger from the Isokon series
Armchair model No. 41 Paimio
Secretary desk Tibattant
Armchair LCW (Lounge Chair Wood)
Tea trolley mod. 98
Coat stand VIP
Die Neue Sammlung - 1st exhibition of the Bayer. National Museum
Vienna School of Arts and Crafts
The Cheap Object. The Apartment for the Subsistence Level
Munich Made Products for House and Home
Armchair No. 4794
The new collection
The Swiss book
Glass – Utility and Decorative Forms from Four Millennia
Bench from the studio room at Haus Moller, Vienna
Seesaw Schaukelplastik

Drawing: Carla Nagel

Armchair made from car tires
Stratus floor lamp
Shell chair FH1936
Wall elements for Visiona II
Seating object pony
Office cabinet for the Centre Georges Pompidou
Design Process Auto
Japanese posters
Horst Schäfer - architecture photography
Process; A Tomato Project Munich 1997
Rocking car
Wilfried Minks' stage
Color stations
Vostra armchair No. 650
Folding boat Wandereiner
Floor lamp Baukasten M60 Fahr
Margherita wicker armchair
Table, front view
Table Typensatz 602/C
Phantom sofa
Kids’ chair Buba
Diamonds and Bars. The art of the Amish. Quilts from the Schlumberger Collection
Wicker chair No. 9578
Computed tomograph Somatom Smile
Chest of drawers from the series Junior
Bicycle C4 Joker
Shell logo
Chair Siebenkugelstuhl Nr. 371
Therapeutic toy Big rhinoceros
Moot chair
Lounger Oh Void 1
Floor lamp Polluce
Play furniture system
Installation How to entertain a vivid Dialogue with the Archive ?, A Search Behind Appearances
Konstantin Grcic: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Inflatable giraffe
Folding boat nortik fold 4.2
High Sticking Chair
Floor lamp Ten
Akari BB3 / 33S floor lamp
Floor lamp Megaron
Floor lamps Baumleuchte I and II
Floor lamp Épingle de nourrice
Quirino floor lamp
Tenaglia floor lamp
Floor lamp Otello, No. 640
Floor lamp Luxmaster F
Giacomo floor lamp
Callimaco floor lamp
Chicago Tribune floor lamp from the Stillight series
Floor lamp Basis
Chaise Longue Carbon (prototype)
Chair Bauernstuhl
Carbon Balloon Chair
Armchair Mod. 715
Stacking chair LessThanFive,
Floor lamp Spider
Caribe 2-seater bench from the Sala Collection
Chair for the Café Museum
Billy bookcase
Floor lamp Berliner Bratpfanne
Laundry basket 60 Grad
Laundry basket 30 Grad
Room divider
Chair workshop
Bicycle Biolove Carbon (prototype)
Light signs / gas pump Agip, model Schwelmer
Shelf Carlton
Flamingo side table
Roma armchair
Heater mod. Radiaver
Table frame Breeding Table (prototype)
Side table Kyoto
Lamp super
Light Tahiti
Consumer's Rest armchair
Bicycle (study)
Floor lamp Cicatrices de Luxe F
Fan heater Dyson Hot (AM04)
Bicycle (study)
Sledge S 333
Portable bathtub XTEND (prototype)
Flower Offering Chair
Electric heater Epiag
Floor lamp MN 04 Super Guppy Lamp
Electric heater
Palux electric heater
Kendo mask
Fitness machine The Seat of Health
Cast iron stove
Cast iron stove
Irish slow burning stove, original Kramer stove
Church oven (regulating filling oven No. 73)
Pyro-Rex workshop oven
Stove for anthracite coal Oranier
Electric heater PL no. 12th
Mezzachimera lamp
Floor lamp Medusa
Floor lamp Indi
Toio floor lamp
Floor lamp Gherpe
Roller skate Indusco Froller
Convection stove Germane No. 7110
Kandissi sofa
Sling ball
Roller skate
Würthner T'Blade ice hockey skate blade
Rudy Project bike helmet
Baseballs Haiti
Foil mask
Aral logo, so-called Aral diamond
Chair_ONE (prototype # 3)
Radiators Milano
Skibob Gfäller Ei
Chair_ONE (prototype # 5)
Chair_ONE (prototype # 6)
Icaros Pro Virtual Reality fitness machine
Regal Chambre A Air
Hemp Chair (prototype)
Library book tower
Chair (prototype)
HIKR snowshoe
Sports shoe Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%
Shoe adiStar Long Jump
Floor lamp Rope Trick
Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Air System UAS
VELA Cycle Trainer (prototype)
Care robot Garmi (prototype)
Bicycle trainer Ciclotte (copy)
Climbing system device combi ice hammer Telescope
Steel shaft hammer
Déjà-vu chair
Vesuvio lounger
Poly chair
Nobody chair (copy)
Suspension lamp Light Structure
Giant Bulb Clear lamp
Outboard motor waterwitch
Chair 5-Minuten-Stuhl
Pendant lamp Wolkenlampe
Suspension lamp Taraxacum 88 S
Side table Anonimus
Suspension lamp Styrene
Suspension lamp contrast
Light object Fiche Mâle
Montjuic floor lamp
Kiss me Goodbye armchair
Suspension lamp dmd-04 milk bottle lamp
Pressed Chair (copy)
Ceramic stool (model)
Louis Ghost chair
Shelving system Nan-15
Relief (model)
Suspension lamp IKEA PS 2014
Suspension lamp Sputnik
Aluminum chair
Suspension lamp VP Globe
Totem menta
Totem Agra
Side tables Mila